SARP Land 2023

Welcome to the 2023 SARP Land Group.

This is a website I'll use to share resources that might be useful to some or all of you.

Group Shared Google Drive - Data:

Group Shared Google Drive - Literature: 

Group Shared Google Drive - Miscellaneous Resources

Other Helpful Tips & Tricks: 

AVIRIS-ng Data Portal: 

AVIRIS-classic Data Portal: 

APPEEARS Data Portal (for ECOSTRESS thermal data): 

Copernicus (Sentinel-2): 

EarthExplorer (Landsat): 

EMIT Data Portal: 

G-LiHT Data: 

Google Earth Engine: 

LiDAR OpenTopography: 

NEON Data Portal:   

UAVSAR Data Portal: 

ABoVE Project Background: 

Dangermond Preserve Website: 

Drone LiDAR system: 

Sedgwick Reserve Website: 

SHIFT Background: 

Cool new data science book:  ; with introduction: 


Draw and Export GeoJSON: 

EMIT Data Resources: 

ISOFIT Atmospheric Correction: