GDAL Issues

On the lab computers, if you run into the following issue with GDAL:

... the code execution cannot proceed because gssapi64.dll was not found. Reinstalling the 

program may fix this issue.

Please try the following workaround:

conda install -c conda-forge krb5

This will install a package in your conda environment that may solve the issue. 

It is possible that some gdal tools (like gdal_translate) will work fine, but others (like gdal_merge) will not work.

Here is a possible workaround:


cd C:\Users\dansousa\.conda\envs\NASAEARTH\Scripts


python -of GTiff -o C:\Users\dansousa\Desktop\test\test_mosaic.tif -n 0 C:\Users\dansousa\Desktop\test\p04_ir3_mosaic04.tif C:\Users\dansousa\Desktop\test\p06_ir3_mosaic04.tif C:\Users\dansousa\Desktop\test\p09_ir3_mosaic04.tif C:\Users\dansousa\Desktop\test\p11_ir3_mosaic04.tif