Running ISOFIT on AVIRIS-Classic

  1. Set up ISOFIT (instructions here).

  2. Find and download AVIRIS-classic Level-1B radiance line from the Data Portal (here).

  3. Extract AVIRIS-classic .tar.gz file

  1. Copy the wavelength information (band centers and FWHM) from the header of the ENVI file and save in a new file called 'wavelength.txt'. This should be a tab-separated file with three columns:

    1. Column 1 is a sequential integer (1,2,3, ... 224)

    2. Column 2 is the wavelength of the band center

    3. Column 3 is the FWHM of the band

      1. If you need to convert commas to tabs, you can use:

tr ',' '\t' < in.txt > out.txt

  1. Create a georeferenced 'loc' file:

    1. Open ENVI Classic

    2. Map > Georeference from Input Geometry > Georeference from GLT

    3. Select xxx_glt file, then select xxx_loc file, then name output file as 'xxx_loc_ort'

      1. If you don't have a '.loc' file, try using the 'xxx_ort_igm' file.