EMIT to ENVI using emit_tools

The instructions below explain how to set up Python on the lab computers in the SDSU Geography department to convert EMIT data from netCDF to ENVI format. 

conda create --prefix C:\Users\dan.sousa\Downloads\new

conda activate C:\Users\dan.sousa\Downloads\new

conda install -c conda-forge mamba


Upper right: code > download ZIP

In downloads folder,

Right click file > extract here

mamba env create -f C:\Users\dan.sousa\Downloads\EMIT-Data-Resources-main\setup\emit_tutorials.yml

conda activate



Upper right: code > download ZIP

Right click file > extract here

pip install --editable C:\Users\dan.sousa\Downloads\emit-utils-develop

python C:\Users\dan.sousa\Downloads\emit-utils-develop\emit_utils\emit_utils\reformat.py --orthorectify example.nc OUTPUT_DIR