Orthorectifying Maxar Data

These instructions perform a rough orthorectification of a Maxar (WorldView, etc) image:

  1. Unzip image.

  2. Download co-located SRTM digital elevation model from USGS EarthExplorer (https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/)

  3. Open ENVI Classic.

  4. In ENVI Classic, open Maxar image file and SRTM elevation model files.

  5. In ENVI Classic, select: Map > Orthorectification > Generic RPC and RSM > Orthorectify using RPC or RSM

  6. Select your input image (Maxar image)

  7. Select your elevation model (SRTM)

  8. Set algorithm to "rigorous"

  9. Name output and run.

The output file should be orthorectified.