Salton Trough - Nighttime Landsat Thermal

This page shows intermediate work pruducts related to the grant "Rural Heat Islands: Mapping and Mitigating Farmworker Exposure to Heat Stress in the Imperial Valley", funded by California Climate Action Matching Grants Program.  

Path 137, Row 207 of the Landsat 8/9 tiling system covers the subset of the Imperial Valley which is within the USA

Of the 266 nighttime Landsat 8/9 TIRS images in the archive, 99 were categorized as nearly cloud-free, and usable for the purposes of this analysis.


The 99 usable images were converted to top-of-atmosphere radiance using the gain and offset coefficients in the metadata files, and then to brightness temperature using the K1 and K2 coefficients present in those same files.

The images were stacked and a Principal Component transformation was applied.

Image stack (ENVI format) downloadable here, and header file downloadable here.

The "wavelength" information corresponds to fractional year. 

Above: PC 2 = Red, PC 1 = Green, PC 3 = Blue 

GeoTIFF downloadable here, with .tfw file downloadable here.

Temporal feature space:

Temporal endmber brightness T time seires

Covariance (L), correlation (C), and eigenvector (R) matrices 

3 lowest-order EOFs